Thursday, October 21, 2010

Artist statement edit for Dec. exhibition more news soon!

            Crawl, hop or fly....the critters around us.  I created this series out of an appreciation and respect for things often hidden, overlooked, or rarely seen.  Creatures like frogs, insects and birds play an important role in our environment.  These creatures live simple lives with not so simple features: claws, big eyes, multiple legs and bright plumage are just a few.  Their physical uniqueness and beauty drew me to each animal individually.
             I like my Art to be visually accessible to the the average viewer.  For this reason I combine representational imagery with graphic and abstract themes.  The ability for anyone to appreciate my work is important to me because I don't think an extensive education should be a prerequisite for enjoying Art. 
            My process frequently involves using aerosols (spray paint) and acrylic paints.  After choosing my subject, I create a world for them to live in on the canvas or panel.  Frequently graphic in nature, the canvas and all it's lines, tones, and shades are a direct emotional response to the critter in question.  For example the flutter of a birds wings or a tree frog's chirp could be visualized by a series of broken dots or lines, like a morse code of sorts.  I take into account all aspects of the animals being: where it lives, what it looks like, how it flourishes, what it eats (and what eats it.), it's mating habits and the sounds it makes , just to name a few.     The critters around us play a vital role in our world as a whole and should be recognized as such. I hope my Artwork reflects this and inspires a period of simple reflection on the part of the viewer.

Zachary Meunier 2010

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Firefighter mural process, 11 Annual 3rd eye open


these are in process shots of my female firefighter tribute mural. All painted with spraypaint. It all starts with a concept.  I chose to highlight New Bedfords' only working female firefighter (the other 2 just work the desk) Jolene Menard of station 6 was nice enough to model for me.  so i got a photographer friend to do the shoot. After choosing the pic to work from i then decided on my pallate. I chose pinks ( to highlight her femininity)...starting on the blank wall involves putting down reference points and creating a grid to properly scale the images.
about 2 hours starts by scaling the concept...this piece was 8 x12' and the drawing was 8 x12" so 1 inch = 1 should be noted that i combined 3 images to complete this process.

adding tones...she looks sad huh?...better shot next
sold at auction to a local charter school.

almost done!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy on a Branch

16x18"Acrylic and Spraypaint


18x24" Spraypaint

Line 1 and 2

2x6" Ink
4x4" Ink

Flower Balsa wood box sculpture

8x8x8" Balsa wood

Orchid Mantis

36x48" Acrylic

Maritime Mural

30x25' Aerosol:  Painted at the Bioneers by the bay Festival in New Bedford, MA

Fire fighter tribute

8x12' Spraypaint   Painted at the 10th annual 3rd Eye Open festival in New Bedford, MA

...a cat in the hand

4x8 Spraypaint

Navajo monotype

8x10"  monotype

Johnny Rotten Portrait

18x24" Acrylic and Spraypaint

Plant ink study

8x10" Ink

Hallway back drop

6x18' Acrylic on canvas.  This  was commissioned for use as a backdrop for school play revolving around middle school stereotypes.

Tribute to New Bedford's allstar athletes

15x30' Acrylic: Painted with Artworks! Teen Mural Program.  This mural depicts local ( New Bedford, MA) athletes that have excelled on a national level.


18 x24" Acrylic

It's the little things...(that count)

8x12' Spraypaint ...painted at the 9th annual 3rd eye open festival in NB

Rose Mural

Spraypaint 8x8'

Spraypaint 7'
This room was painted for a young womans walk-in closet/ vanity.


Run ( Of Run DMC) 1984 / Reverend Run 2004: 18 x 24"Acrylic and Spraypaint on canvas 

Self portrait 24 X 36" Acrylic

Aunt Clarice: 8x10" Acrylic and Spraypaint

Tom and Mike Surprenaut 14x11" Acrylic

Laura Openshaw 14x11" Acrylic

Drawing 1

graphite 14x 12"


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