Saturday, July 30, 2016

xsjado 4.1 Inline skate

...while I'm waiting for paint to dry or brainstorming on paintings...i like to keep my hands busy...

Here is my Xsjado Chris Farmer 4.1 Inline skate ..exploded....I'll be up loading a sound assembly video of my putting the skate together soon...

stay creative!

Vid Of my USD SWAY PowerBlades

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Radio controlled Car Mural, Aerosol car Mural,

....earlier this summer,

A few Artist Friends and I Got to Paint a fun beast of a Mural (s) at an Indoor Radio controlled car club in New Bedford Massachusetts, USA, ....the Proprietor of NBRC (New Bedford Radio Controlled Car club)...wanted large scale Graffiti inspired logos and RC car themed Artwork to complement the indoor tracks.

It was a Blast to paint and the owner was pleased with the outcome as well as the experience of being onsite for the Painting, giving him the ability to make on the fly decisions about details.

Unfortunately due opportunities to move into a larger location the tracks were never installed at this spot...but the Art lives on!

Artist: Pyro

it all starts with a sketch

artist: Eric Lereau

Artist: process