Experience/ Education/ Contact

Zachary Meunier
New Bedford MA, USA, EARTH.

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New Bedford MA (contact me for Appointments and Address)

Bristol Community College:
Associates Degree Program
Graphic Design 

2013 Supportive Artist, 3rd Eye Unlimited New Bedford ,MA 
2014 1st Place , 1st Annual Art Rocks! Carabiners , New Bedford MA    
2015 Top 5, Fete' Music's ,1st Annual Street Art competition. Providence, RI       

Solo Exhibitions: 
2011  Center cafe, 1st Solo Exhibition, New Bedford, MA
2012 Green Bean cafe, New Works, New Bedford, MA
2013 Urban Poultry, The RF Unit, New Bedford MA 
2015 Invictus, Trescott st. Gallery, Taunton MA

Group Exhibitions:
2005 Bristol Community college Student show, New Bedford, MA
2006 Gallery x Graffiti Show, New Bedford, MA
2007 Bristol Community college, Student Show, Fall River , MA
2009 3rd Eye Open, New Bedford, MA
2010 3rd Eye Open, New Bedford, MA
2010 Colo Colo Gallery, New Bedford, MA
2011 Artworks!, Cobblestone Critique's spring show, New Bedford, MA
2011 Artworks!, TAIP ExhibitionNew BedfordMA
2011 UGLY Gallery, New Bedford, MA
2011 Liberty and Union weekend, Taunton, MA
2011 3rd Eye OpenNew BedfordMA
2012 I am curious Red, Gallery X , New Bedford, MA
2012 Childhood Recreation, Bridgewater, MA
2012 767 Exchange, New Bedford, MA
2012 Taunton Art Association, Taunton MA
2012 Unopen Studios Tour, Various locations, New Bedford, MA
2012 3rd Eye OpenNew BedfordMA
2013 The 767 Exchange , New Bedford MA
2013 3rd Eye Open , New Bedford MA
2013 Colo Colo Gallery , Naughty and Nice, New Bedford MA
2014 Paint the Downtown, Trescott st Gallery, Taunton MA
2017 Color of Music, Gallery X, New Bedford MA
2018 something fishy, Gallery x, New Bedford MA

2008 Mural, New Wave Café, New Bedford, MA
2008 Mural, New Wave Café, New Bedford, MA
2009 Mural, Wings Court, New Bedford, MA

2009 Mural, Roosevelt Middle School, New Bedford, MA
2010 Mural, Smith and Wollenskis Restaurant, Boston,  MA
2011  Canoe Piece, Private Collection, Dartmouth , MA 
2011 Dj Roman portrait , Private collection, Boston , MA
2011 Orchid , Relay For Life, Fairhaven , MA
2012 Mural, Center Cafe, New Bedford, MA
2012 Mural, Braga's Best Coney Island Hotdogs, Swansea, MA
2012 Mural(s) McShawn's Pub, Cranston, RI
2012 Cicken Family Mural, Brockton High, Brockton MA
2012 Mural, Private Collection, Little Compton RI 
2012 Painting Hands Of love, New Bedford MA
2012 Street Fighter Cornhole Boards, Needham MA
2013 Girl Power , Dorchester , MA
2013 Fierce Dance Acadamy, FairHaven,MA 
2013 Livingstone Commission, New Bedford MA, 
2013 Giraffe, New Bedford Ma/ Fort Collins CO
2013 All Out Fitness Boxing Ring Stool, New Bedford MA
2013 Electric Boxes, New Bedford MA
2013 Helder Portrait, New Bedford MA 
2013 Council On Aging mural, New Bedford MA
2014 Creat Hands On, Murals, Dartmouth MA
2014 Plastering Hawks, Deer skull, New Bedford MA
2014 Thomas, New Bedford MA
2014 Carabiner's Mural, New Bedford MA
2014 Frozen window Mural. Taunton MA
2014 Mamushka Gallery mural, Wynwood FL
2015 Cafe windows. Taunton MA 
2016 NBRC, Radio controlled Car themed Murals, New Bedford MA
2017 Avian Mural, Lake Pannassofkee Fl, USA
2017 Dragon Mural , Bizarro Smoke shop, Fall River MA USA

2010 Mural, Global charter School, New Bedford, MA
2011 Mural, Nativity Prep School, New Bedford, MA
2012 Mural, McShawn's Pub, Cranston, RI
2012 Mural. BB Russel school. Brockton, MA 
2012 The "Power of Tower" Sculpture, New Bedford City Landfill, New Bedford MA
2014 Aerosol Mural, Roxbury, MA
2015 " Graffiti is a Parallel to Jazz, Saxaphone player," Olneyville, RI

Art Instruction:
2004-2010 Youth Mentor, Artworks! Teen Mural program, New Bedford, MA
2011 1 on 1 Mentor, Artworks! TAIP (Teen Art internship Program), New Bedford, MA
2011 Instructor, Gouache Workshop, Taunton Arts Association, Taunton, MA
2012 Artworks! TAIP (Teen Art internship Program), New Bedford, MA
2012  Talbot Middle School Enrichment program, 3rd Eye Unlimited Fall River , MA