Sunday, December 6, 2015

Ferrari colors. Jazz Painting, Graffiti è un parallelo al Jazz

.....I have been working on a new series of paintings..."Graffiti is a parallel to Jazz
" in terms of composition materials and idea.
FOR SALE HERE: Zac's Art Shop : Etsy

Jazz Guitarist 36 x 40" Aerosol

the New mix
stay tuned for up dates!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Padanaram Christmas Festival 2015, Jazz Player Painting

...Hey all,
Happy holiday season...Dec 4th I painted live at the Padanaram Christmas festival in S. Dartmouth MA. The Family friendly free event, included shopping: Lights, sights, Visits from Santa, tasty treats, fire truck rides, small village charm. and even shuttle service for parking.. the event attracted hundreds and was a blast.

..I created a composition fitting in with my "Graffiti is a parallel to Jazz" Series  .

the 48 x 36" canvas depicts a stylized guitar Player.and is available for Purchase Zac's Art Shop : Etsy

Jazz Guitarist 36 x 48" Aerosol.

the paint I will be using

..I will be painting live outside of the Village Merchant, 354 Elm St. S. Dartmouth MA 02748...a unique shop full of Antiques, Oddities, Fine Art and one of a kind gifts....between 5-8 pm....

I also have some paintings from my urban poultry series on exhibition and for sale.

the paint I will be using

Come out , bundle up and enjoy the holiday cheer!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

2016 mural season

...I love the seasons here in new england, and am looking forward to a productive winter in the studio and painting interior murals.

I am now taking orders for painting commissions and Interior murals for the winter, and planning next years exterior Mural season.

If you have an idea for a project, contact me and I can help you bring it to life.

enhance your living space with a personalized one of a kind mural in your home garage or buisness. exterior Mural is a great way to enhance and bring attention to your business or organization etc..... windows too.

..I'm based in southern MA, but will travel for the right job.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Stay Creative!

Zac Meunier


Thursday, November 12, 2015

Urban Poultry, Chicken paintings, 2015

 Happy Fall in New England,

....Currently on exhibition and available for purchase are a few paintings from my "Urban Poultry" Series of paintings.

"Green Seagulls" 18x 24" Acrylic / Aerosol, handmade wood frame.

"Green Seagulls" and "Nat Geo Hen" are two of my favorites from the series depicting birds that people eat.

"Nat Geo Hen" 16 x 20" , Acrylic Aerosol , Collage. Custom wood Frame.

The Village Merchant, 354 Elm St., S. Dartmouth MA, 02748 USA
 contact by phone: 508 496 9653

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Blading Mural, Freestyle Rocket Backslide Painting

.....If the Terms " Royale, FishBrain, Full Torque, Makio, and Anti-rocker"..mean something to you

...if "Toe Cut" is a good thing for some.......

"If a Disaster Negative Acid....makes you want to vomit.....

 or toe roll ...ha!......

...So ya i've been rollerblading since 1990...never fell off.....

"Freestyle Rocket Backslide", 6 x 7' Aerosol

"Freestyle Rocket Backslide", 6 x 7' Aerosol

...and heres a Vid me Sketching a pair of skates with Aerosols....the K2 Varsitiy Inline Skates

Monday, November 9, 2015

Fete' Musics 1st Annual Street Art Competition, Saxophone Player Mural

.....How do you judge Street Art?........

I have no idea..

.....i just entered the competition........

....I Placed in the top 5 at Fete' Music's 1st Annual Street Art competition in OlneyVillle, Rhode Island.

..It was an Absolute Blast , About 30 Artists got down and Created in a live environment with attendees sipping their drinks in Audience, enjoying the sun, Art and the Music....

..many styles were shown..the creativity and variance of techniques was amazing...from Straight Graffiti to wheat pastes, stencils, Installations, collabs, Acrylics etc....

...even the Mayor of Providence, and Channel 10 News stopped By....

..all the Pieces were installed on Dike Street in OlneyVille RI, as an effort to Enhance an empty building....I applaud the city for recognizing a win/win....artists get to get up and show their skillz.....and available properties properly boarded up...i wish more communities would take note:.....(New Bedford and Fall River MA I'm lookin at

..the Event was sponserd by The Avenue Concept. a Dope Legal wall spot in Providence also paint shop, Gallery...etc....

..My Piece,"The Saxophone Player" is a Tribute to My Idea of "Graffiti Being a parallel to Jazz", 8 x8' Aerosol, 4hs.

Leatherface, Ed Gein Aerosol Mural.

...This October,
 in the spirit of Halloween, I did this Quick Aerosol Sketch Of the infamous ED GEIN, the man whose grotesque crimes were the Inspiration for the horror film Character, Leatherface, from the "Texas Chainsaw massacre" films, as well as numerous other horror film inspirations.....I'm not Really into Slasher films, so I had to do a bit of Research. Wild Horrific stuff happened by a man that I think was mostly lonely and a twisted as a result of his upbringing....watching some of the Ed Gein Documentary it put insight into this sick mans story......

Ed Gein/ leatherface 7 x 12' Aerosol

Ed Gein/ leatherface 7 x 12' Aerosol

Ed Gein/ leatherface 7 x 12' Aerosol (early on, see finished)

"Leatherface" from the "Texas chainsaw massacre Film Series. 

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Flower Butterfly Saran wrap Mural/ Taunton Creates 2015

Another Great Taunton Creates event!, The free outdoor family friendly Arts event held annually in Taunton MA, was a success. Better turn out than ever and decent weather makes for a good time for the public with vendors live music and Artists performing and selling wares...I made some sales and had a fun day painting a flower/ butterfly landscape on a 3 dollar foll of saran wrap stretched between some pvc....good times.

Article on the event

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Cafe Window Mural

Yester day I Painted this window mural of a couple at an outdoor cafe. it was for the city of Taunton Ma to help beautify theur downtown Area. good times :)


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Creativity concept, regarding audio.

hey all,

......I had a professor once tell me that .." ...when creating visually. ,  Music or audio should be something with out reckognizable words.....whether it be instrumental, beat or other.....also suggesting tracks in a foreign language or death reason being that the part of the brain that is creative and the one that processes language are seperate....and it's time to focus....."............

I suggest adding movie, tv shows, playlists, vlogs, podcasts.....haul videos..(ha!)....etc...that you've already seen many times and don't have to look at or focus on to get.  that way you can be auditorially entertained and still focus on being creative...........

stay creative!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Invictus painting Series

 I exhibited a new series of paintings at the Trescott St. Gallery in Taunton, MA USA.

the Invictus show is a response exhibition to the Poem "Invictus" by William Ernest Henley.

here is a vid of me reciting the poem a few years ago.

I'm excited about this one and really tried to expand my own horizons as an Artist. I've never pulled apart a body of text and filtered it's meanings to create a visual series of paintings before. 

it was a lot of fun to produce and took about 3 months.

the series consists of 50+ pieces.

moth leaves the flame. in process

Each painting contains simple narrative(s) in terms of subjects based on concepts presented in the Poem.

for example in" the Painting "moth Leaves the flame" ....the idea is the unconquerable human spirit visualized by a moth leaving a large candle flame with a sublimated outer space scene commenting on recent advances is space exploration and potential for humans to leave earth.....

The series of paintings Range in size from 8 x 12" to 30 x 40" and are aerosol, Acrylic , collage, gouache, and various other mixtures used create desired effects.

New Bedford Harbor. 30 x 40: Acyrlic Aerosol Gouache Collage. for Sale.

Elephant Calfs 16 x 20" Acrylic Aerosol, Acrylic paint marker, Carb cleaner. for sale.

True American Artforms: Jazz is  a Parallel to Graffiti.../ 004 connect....30 x 40" Aerosol , Isopropyll Alchohol, Acrylic/ collage Photoshop. for sale.

Nature comes out at Night: 16 x 20" Acrylic Markers/paint, Aerosols, Collage, . for sale

Edm/ Youth Energy. 8 x 12"  Acrylic/ Aersol/ Markers.. for sale

Scylla and Charybdis/ Acrylic/ Aeorosol Gouache and Marker. 16 x 20" . for sale...better shot soon.

More to come. check Back on this link soon for more pieces to the series and the narratives expressed in each..... :)

The reception was to feature a  Silent disco-esque portion but due to technical difficulties it didn't, but the reception was a blast anyway....silent disco another time.

here is a vid of me reciting the poem a few years ago.

check out my youtube channel for more.
Trescott St. Gallery Site:

Trescott St. gallery facebook.

Stay Creative.

contact me at
z.meunier@gmail for more info.