Monday, July 24, 2017

Lighthouse Sailboat Mural

.....I live in a coastal fishing port of a city, everything in New Bedford MA is related or tied into the after getting some good paint (Montana 94) at a local shop (Underground Culture In Tiverton RI), i set out to do a lighthouse and sail boat Aerosol Sketch.....I think it came out ok, but I stopped before polishing it up because I wanted the wall for something else.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Etsy shop

Hey all, I have just opened my shop for directly purchasing my Art. Zac's Art shop

I am adding More Paintings as I go, If you see a painting on here thats Not in the shop Comment below . as it may still be available. :)

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Avian mural, Bird mural 2017

Happy Spring Everyone!

...I Just finished up this Exterior residential Landscape mural, in lovely Lake Panasoffkee, Florida USA. (Sumter county)..It was a Blast to create and I'm so happy the home owners enjoy it. :) Painted with aerosols..(stock caps!) Belton, Rustos.

all Flora and fauna..were locally sourced  as central Florida has tons of Animals and Plants in its lush sub tropical climate. ..birds include ( White Ibis, Blue heron, Great Egret and pileated wood pecker)...plants list soon.



and it starts...

my palette...Belton, Rustoleum and a couple krylon cans.

Monday, November 28, 2016

yoga snowman window painting

Hey all,heres a window i painted recently for a downtown holiday event....the snow man doing yoga is a a concept along the lines of warm inside cold stuff.....from concepts to fin.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Transformation Sculptures (Clay) Elephant and chair

Good Morning,

working on a new assignment in 3D design at school.

This project, "Transformation"..involves picking 2 objects and morphing them together visually, over the span of 5 separate visual steps, for a total of 5 roughly fist sized sculptures...

...I chose to render an Elephant head and a comfortable chair.

while I'm mostly a 2d Artist, working in 3d, forces ,out of comfort zone, ideas.....I like it! :)

Vid of Process and Finished sculptures

stages 1,3,5 in process

more on this post as it develops :)

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Spartan Gundam, Paper sculpture

Hey all,
the next project in my 3d design class is the "paper/plane" project. it involves making a sculpture out of paper, focusing on planes instead of line....cut folded, paper mache etc....

I've chosen to design and build a "Spartan Gundam" wearable helmet...I'm relatively new to the genre this should be fun...stay tuned as this project develops as i will be up loading pics as it progresses... :)

vid of Gundam Helmet concept on wall/ Aerosols....

Stay creative


Tuesday, September 27, 2016

wire frame sculpture, xsjado skate, wire armature

hey all,

I just finished up a project for a 3d design this case the assignment was to build a wire frame sculpture using a model of an object you love....I chose my Xsjado Farmer 4.1 aggressive inline skate.

I chose to scale the size 12 step in skate, (1.5x) to make details bigger for ease of construction.

I apologize if the pics don't quite explain it all...taking pics of wire frame is a challenge in itself.

we were to use 3 different gauges and "line" qualities...i used 16 gauge for most of it...8 gauge for the soul and axles and 20 gauge to lash it all together.

we had a critique in class today and I got positive and constructive feedback.

walk around vid of wire frame skate

heres a couple other Blading related posts..

rocket Backslide Mural

K2 Varsity (red) painting

"exploded" Xsjado skate