Sunday, July 16, 2017

Etsy shop

Hey all, I have just opened my shop for directly purchasing my Art. Zac's Art shop

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Avian mural, Bird mural 2017

Happy Spring Everyone!

...I Just finished up this Exterior residential Landscape mural, in lovely Lake Panasoffkee, Florida USA. (Sumter county)..It was a Blast to create and I'm so happy the home owners enjoy it. :) Painted with aerosols..(stock caps!) Belton, Rustos.

all Flora and fauna..were locally sourced  as central Florida has tons of Animals and Plants in its lush sub tropical climate. ..birds include ( White Ibis, Blue heron, Great Egret and pileated wood pecker)...plants list soon.



and it starts...

my palette...Belton, Rustoleum and a couple krylon cans.

Monday, November 28, 2016

yoga snowman window painting

Hey all,heres a window i painted recently for a downtown holiday event....the snow man doing yoga is a a concept along the lines of warm inside cold stuff.....from concepts to fin.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Transformation Sculptures (Clay) Elephant and chair

Good Morning,

working on a new assignment in 3D design at school.

This project, "Transformation"..involves picking 2 objects and morphing them together visually, over the span of 5 separate visual steps, for a total of 5 roughly fist sized sculptures...

...I chose to render an Elephant head and a comfortable chair.

while I'm mostly a 2d Artist, working in 3d, forces ,out of comfort zone, ideas.....I like it! :)

Vid of Process and Finished sculptures

stages 1,3,5 in process

more on this post as it develops :)

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Spartan Gundam, Paper sculpture

Hey all,
the next project in my 3d design class is the "paper/plane" project. it involves making a sculpture out of paper, focusing on planes instead of line....cut folded, paper mache etc....

I've chosen to design and build a "Spartan Gundam" wearable helmet...I'm relatively new to the genre this should be fun...stay tuned as this project develops as i will be up loading pics as it progresses... :)

vid of Gundam Helmet concept on wall/ Aerosols....

Stay creative


Tuesday, September 27, 2016

wire frame sculpture, xsjado skate, wire armature

hey all,

I just finished up a project for a 3d design this case the assignment was to build a wire frame sculpture using a model of an object you love....I chose my Xsjado Farmer 4.1 aggressive inline skate.

I chose to scale the size 12 step in skate, (1.5x) to make details bigger for ease of construction.

I apologize if the pics don't quite explain it all...taking pics of wire frame is a challenge in itself.

we were to use 3 different gauges and "line" qualities...i used 16 gauge for most of it...8 gauge for the soul and axles and 20 gauge to lash it all together.

we had a critique in class today and I got positive and constructive feedback.

walk around vid of wire frame skate

heres a couple other Blading related posts..

rocket Backslide Mural

K2 Varsity (red) painting

"exploded" Xsjado skate