Saturday, October 16, 2010

Firefighter mural process, 11 Annual 3rd eye open


these are in process shots of my female firefighter tribute mural. All painted with spraypaint. It all starts with a concept.  I chose to highlight New Bedfords' only working female firefighter (the other 2 just work the desk) Jolene Menard of station 6 was nice enough to model for me.  so i got a photographer friend to do the shoot. After choosing the pic to work from i then decided on my pallate. I chose pinks ( to highlight her femininity)...starting on the blank wall involves putting down reference points and creating a grid to properly scale the images.
about 2 hours starts by scaling the concept...this piece was 8 x12' and the drawing was 8 x12" so 1 inch = 1 should be noted that i combined 3 images to complete this process.

adding tones...she looks sad huh?...better shot next
sold at auction to a local charter school.

almost done!