Monday, January 19, 2015

Invictus painting Series

 I exhibited a new series of paintings at the Trescott St. Gallery in Taunton, MA USA.

the Invictus show is a response exhibition to the Poem "Invictus" by William Ernest Henley.

here is a vid of me reciting the poem a few years ago.

I'm excited about this one and really tried to expand my own horizons as an Artist. I've never pulled apart a body of text and filtered it's meanings to create a visual series of paintings before. 

it was a lot of fun to produce and took about 3 months.

the series consists of 50+ pieces.

moth leaves the flame. in process

Each painting contains simple narrative(s) in terms of subjects based on concepts presented in the Poem.

for example in" the Painting "moth Leaves the flame" ....the idea is the unconquerable human spirit visualized by a moth leaving a large candle flame with a sublimated outer space scene commenting on recent advances is space exploration and potential for humans to leave earth.....

The series of paintings Range in size from 8 x 12" to 30 x 40" and are aerosol, Acrylic , collage, gouache, and various other mixtures used create desired effects.

New Bedford Harbor. 30 x 40: Acyrlic Aerosol Gouache Collage. for Sale.

Elephant Calfs 16 x 20" Acrylic Aerosol, Acrylic paint marker, Carb cleaner. for sale.

True American Artforms: Jazz is  a Parallel to Graffiti.../ 004 connect....30 x 40" Aerosol , Isopropyll Alchohol, Acrylic/ collage Photoshop. for sale.

Nature comes out at Night: 16 x 20" Acrylic Markers/paint, Aerosols, Collage, . for sale

Edm/ Youth Energy. 8 x 12"  Acrylic/ Aersol/ Markers.. for sale

Scylla and Charybdis/ Acrylic/ Aeorosol Gouache and Marker. 16 x 20" . for sale...better shot soon.

More to come. check Back on this link soon for more pieces to the series and the narratives expressed in each..... :)

The reception was to feature a  Silent disco-esque portion but due to technical difficulties it didn't, but the reception was a blast anyway....silent disco another time.

here is a vid of me reciting the poem a few years ago.

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