Thursday, November 24, 2011

Maritime Mural

..The Wings court Maritime Mural was designed for the Connect for Change sustainability conference held annually downtown New Bedford MA , Through the nonprofit ,3rd eye Unlimited, the Marion institute  commissioned my self and 2 other aerosol Artists (evolve and too trick) to paint a maritime themed mural in Wings court...we chose to do a seascape with 3 separate era's of New Bedford's seaport. from left to right..a whaler (Lewis Temple, Inventor of the "Temples Toggle" style harpoon, that became industry standard.), a tall ship on the horizon, and a modern day trawler on the right. under the water the word "Evolve" is painted in stylized lettering)
it was a blast to paint and has been a backdrop for the conference as well as music videos, lectures and events.

Marion Institute Site

3rd Eye Unlimited

30 x 25' Aerosol

New Bedford Standartd times Cover 10/12
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