Tuesday, September 27, 2016

wire frame sculpture, xsjado skate, wire armature

hey all,

I just finished up a project for a 3d design class....in this case the assignment was to build a wire frame sculpture using a model of an object you love....I chose my Xsjado Farmer 4.1 aggressive inline skate.

I chose to scale the size 12 step in skate, (1.5x) to make details bigger for ease of construction.

I apologize if the pics don't quite explain it all...taking pics of wire frame is a challenge in itself.

we were to use 3 different gauges and "line" qualities...i used 16 gauge for most of it...8 gauge for the soul and axles and 20 gauge to lash it all together.

we had a critique in class today and I got positive and constructive feedback.

walk around vid of wire frame skate

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