Monday, September 8, 2014

Carabiners New Bedford Mural, Aerosol Landscape

.Great times Painting this one...Carabiners is a Indoor rockclimbing Gym in New Bedford... 8 x 20' Aerosol, a Landscape with figures in the forground...Used Mostly Sugar Spraypaint.17 hrs over 4days...

...A Huge thank to Carabiner's Everyone that came out or Liked commented or shared this Online!....and the New Bedford Guide!, you all Rock!

Caribiners Had a Mural Contest for their 1st Annual Art Rocks! event. I am Gassed to have won it and and very happy with the product...

 Event was open to the public and featured climbing bouldering /fitness demos, Capoeira, Kung fu, Vendors Artists, Body painting , Slack line, hooping, etc........fresh fruit to munch on as well as the Mural unveiling. Everyone had a Blast , Check the process pics and Vids. Big Ups to Carabiners Staff and The New Bedford Guide for holdin it Down for Myself and the Arts/creative fitness.!!! Art Rocks!.

Carabiners Mural Unveiling and Interview