Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New Bedford Electric Boxes

4 Flag Electrical Box ( American Flag, Massachusetts, Azores , And Portuguese Flag) Article on Electric boxes and Art in the city.

Covered (Buffed) Less then 2 weeks Later, By a New Bedford City Graffiti Unit, Due to a miscommunication.

Massachusetts Flag In process.

Azorean Flag In Process

..A commission by the city to Paint some Electric Boxes in an Effort to Discourage them from being Tagged.....I'll Take it..1st box is a Series of Flags, (American, Massachusetts, Portuguese and Azorean)...reflective of the local community...Awesome to paint with a great response from the locals.....The 2nd Box was a depiction of Street signs directing tourists to hot spots..(the Beaches , Downtown, Fort Rodman...etc...)...unfortunately due to some miscommunication the city mistook it for Graffiti and Painted over it.