Saturday, September 1, 2012

Light Graffiti, Light Painting

city over the Bay..6x9' 45sec
Yesterday, I had the opportunity to try a medium called "light Painting" or "Light Graffiti"...It involves using a Fixed camera in complete darkness with a long 30sec/3min exposure...and using light ( led flashlights, glow sticks, lasers, flares etc) my experience it involved drawing in space with a LED flashlight...imagine being in complete darkness and creating large images on an imaginary wall..and you don't even have to move fast...which simply amazes all were done in under 45 secs..note text must be written in reverse which presents its own challenges...........also interesting is that you can have a conversation with your self (single exposure!).and NO DIGITAL ENHANCEMENT WAS DONE (Photoshop etc).....a Big thank you to Photog Heath Pettine for showing me this amazing medium....there will be more...oh yes there will be more!

 link for some light painting picasso did...Picasso light painting
Contemporary Light Artist Michael Bosanko 

6x 9', 30 sec