Tuesday, May 22, 2012


18 x 24" (x2) Acrylic/ Aerosol

The Run Dyptic I painted a few years ago has sold, the Paintings were designed for a show called "about face" at Gallery X in New Bedford in which Multiple images of the same figure are used.. I chose Run of the Hip-Hop group Run DMC...I chose Images of him from 1984 and 2004, In which the left shows a youthful Rapper, with signature hat and gold chain and adias track suit, On the right a silver aged Reverend Run still preaching the good word. Key elements of the piece include the Graffiti Inspired back ground for the young Run and the mello gradient back ground for the Reverend. In terms of lay out it's essentially the same pose..with a few elements exchanged..a gold chain for a collar, a hoody for a suit, and an adidas logo for a mic.  Good looks to the 767 Exchange In New Bedford for showing and selling the work...check em out!