Saturday, April 7, 2012

Frog Ice Cream Mural Process

 I'm working on Concepts for a new mural site. It is a 4ft-11ft section of exterior brick.....On the Outside wall of a local Cafe'/ Ice Cream shop ( The Center Cafe, So. End New Bedford MA). The Owner commissioned me to produce a bright, positive, family friendly Aerosol mural to enhance the exterior. Note: concepts are gray scale as colors have yet to be determined, subjects would be realistically rendered, and graphic elements would be a scale of tones.This post is about the process and will culminate with process and finished shots of the Mural....
the wall, the finished brick will stay, mural will be 4ft wide,  11 ft high.

climbing frog concept

orchid concept

frog lick Ice Cream sketch concept ( if painted image would be flipped horizontally,w/ Ice cream on right side)
80% 4 ft x 11ft Aerosol