Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sports Mural, Bragas Best Coney Island Hotdogs

Recently, I had the Opportunity to Paint a New england Sports Themed Mural(s) at Braga's Best Coney Island Hotdogs,  531 Wilbur Ave,  Swansea Ma., With the Help of Artist Joe tyler and Megg Hutchinson, we transformed the shop!...

New England Sports Teams and Boston Skyline 8x7' Aerosol

Piece by Joe Tyler, Larry bird By Zac Meunier

suicide six wings...can you handle Six wings Straight from the fires of hell!...if you can you'll be on the Dozen Club Scroll

Ted Williams 6 x 7 ' Aerosol

Do you have what it takes to join the Dozen Club? (12 Dogs..20min!) If you do you'll end up on the Dozen Club scroll.

The Dugout (Restrooms)

Ortiz and Yaz, Redsox