Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fire Fighter Tribute Mural Presentation

Artist Bio..

I have been a working artist for the past 5-6 years..I consider my self a representational artist that paints realistically. Using aerosols, acrylics, guoache and other media, I create worlds for my characters or subject to live in. They media I choose varies project to project, but when I work large I tend 
to use aerosols while saving a brush for smaller paintings.
Upon my second year painting at the 3rd eye open i chose to represent a local hero. The fire fighter mural was a piece that came to me from family and friends. I Knew the theme of the event was " The year of the woman" and originally had thought of painting a fallen female soldier, but I didn't know any. Through conversation I learned that there were only 3 female fire fighters in all of New Bedford, only one of whom actually currently fights those fires. After meeting jolene( the fire fighter) and getting her involved, we set up a photo-shoot. After manipulating multiple images I chose to highlight a female figure in the foreground with burning buildings in back. 
This painting was completed in 8-10 hours, in one day, live, and in 90-100 degree heat. The heat that day gave me a taste of what a firefighter endures regularly and helped to inform the painting. 
I am happy that my painting has found a home at the global charter school. I hope it conveys confidence, determination, and bravery amongst all who see it , but particularly females. I have been involved with 3rd Eye since 2003 and attend as many of their events as I can. Put out the word!